10 Types of Noodles You Should Keep in Your Pantry

When we mention "spaghetti," and we reply that it's "truly versatile and in our pantry at all times."


Cavatappi, often known as corkscrew pasta, is essentially a helix-shaped form of macaroni. 


Tagliatelle means "to cut," and the long, flat ribbons are frequently cut by hand in their home area of Emilia-Romagna.


Tubular spaghetti, likely the most popular noodle, was designed to resemble fountain pens. 


Maccheroni—just fancy Italian macaroni? Yes, it is. The short, tube-shaped pasta can be ridged, curled, or pinched at one end depending on how it was extruded. 


Farfalle, also known as bowties or butterflies, is one of the oldest and most famous pasta shapes. 


Get it? Conch shells (conchiglie) These shell-shaped fellows are adept at absorbing sauces in their hollow interiors and ridged exteriors.


Fusilli, like farfalle, has nooks and crannies and a Seinfeld episode titled after it. The corkscrew-shaped pasta is perfect for grabbing chunkier sauce portions

Rotini (Fusilli)

Anelli means “small rings” in Italian, and it's one of many pastine pasta shapes that are perfect for thickening brothy soups.


Rigatoni is prevalent in Sicily and Central Italy, and the name most likely means "ridged." 


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