49ers Brock Purdy Silences Critics in Surprising Way in NFC Championship

So, what will they say about Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers now? On Sunday in the NFC Championship game, after a brutal first half in which he had a passer rating of 39.1 

and threw for 95 yards and an interception, Purdy stole the show in the second half against the Lions, leading a ferocious 49ers comeback from a 24-7 halftime deficit

with 27 second-half points to lead a 34-31 win that sent the 49ers to the Super Bowl against the Chiefs.

After being the subject of derision and scorn by many an NFL pundit over the past week following some of his inconsistency and struggles in the divisional round win over the Packers,

Purdy earned a heap of redemption, and he did so in a way that should only further infuriate the legion of Purdy-bashers that were loudly complaining that the 49ers

quarterback was the product of the Kyle Shanahan system and little else: Purdy daggered the Lions not with safe passes or

Purdy's most devastating run came with 4:42 remaining in the fourth quarter and the 49ers holding a fragile 27-24 lead against the Lions.  

Purdy was in the shotgun as the 49ers faced a third-and-four from the Lions' 49 yard line. Purdy had to break through an attempted Aidan Hutchison tackle to get enough space for a 21-yard scramble to the Detroit 28-yard line.

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