5 Best Chocolate Milk Nail Art Designs

Dairy-inspired nail art is currently trending. Blueberry milk, strawberry milk, and even "milk bath" manis have been seen on celebrities like Selena Gomez and Halle Bailey

but the latest variant suggests that it's time to add a dash of cocoa to the mix.

1. Ombré

While having the same chocolate color on all five nails is cute, you could create an ombré effect by darkening the paint shade as you proceed down your fingers.

2. Milk Spilled

These adorable white, brown, and tan splotches resemble a glass of chocolate milk before you mix it together.

3. Swirl of Chocolate

You may also wear a set similar to these cafe-inspired swirls. They resemble the chocolate drizzle that goes on top of an iced mocha.

4. Funky Accents

Keep the dark-to-light gradient down your nails, then apply curving lines for an eye-catching feature, to give a little something more to your ombré tips.

5. Chocolate-Dipped

French tips are always fashionable. To flip the trend, use a chocolate milk-colored base and a darker tip to create the illusion that your nails have been dipped in chocolate.

But if you can’t find one you like, it’s also possible to stir together brown and white polishes to create a completely customized milky shade. 

Russell recommends using gel polish for the look if you’re going the latter route.

“It doesn’t dry until it’s cured, allowing time to mix and customize the shade to perfection,” she says. 

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