5 things we learned when the Chiefs defeated the Ravens to reach Super Bowl LVIII.

The Kansas City Chiefs entered M&T Bank Stadium as the reigning AFC champions. They stepped out with the title belt in hand.

Much has been said about the Baltimore Ravens' historically outstanding defence, as well as their probable NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson.

While it was a competitive game—and a slugfest through all four quarters—it was clear from the start who the champions were.

After defeating Baltimore 17-10, Kansas City will play in its second consecutive Super Bowl, this time against the San Francisco 49ers.

The old saying goes, "Behind every great man is a great woman."However, in the case of the late Norma Hunt, I would change the phrase to, "Beside every great man is a great woman."

Throughout the franchise's existence, there has only been one football first lady. She was first by her husband Lamar, and subsequently beside her son Clark, who took over the team after his father died.

Norma stood on Lamar's side when the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. She was there throughout the tough years when Kansas City couldn't afford a playoff win. 

She died on June 3rd, at the age of 85. Super Bowl LVIII will be the first without her; she was the only woman to attend all 57 of the previous ones.

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