5 tips for staying vegan after Veganuary

If you took on Veganuary 2024 and are succeeding, give yourself a pat on the back. It can be a difficult challenge to complete. So, now what?

If you are pleased with your accomplishments and are eager to incorporate meat back into your diet, that is fantastic.

Vegans no longer have to limit themselves to a dish of chips or salad at a restaurant.

Staying vegan all year no longer requires you to skip out on meals with friends and family.

If you used to cook a specific curry on a regular basis as a meat eater and are missing the comfort food now that you are vegan, seek online for a meat-free variation of the recipe.

Most classic meals may be changed to be vegan, which will help you avoid feeling left out.

What was your favorite non-vegan snack? Where did you usually purchase your hamburgers or fish and chips?

Make an alternate plan for where and what you will eat in advance to stay vegan and avoid falling back into old habits in the heat of the moment.

Meals can frequently be readily veganized by removing one or two ingredients and substituting them with vegan alternatives. 

Some suggestions include replacing the cheese on pizza with vegan cheese and topping it with a variety of vegetables and olives.

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