Smoothie Recipes to satisfy your hunger

Need a nutritious breakfast or midday meal? Craving a healthier sweet treat? Make one in minutes with these simple recipes.

Making a smoothie may appear to be as simple as dumping a handful of things into a blender.

 However, anyone who has had a chunky, frosty, or otherwise less-than-perfect sip will tell you that creating a smoothie is a true art form.

 Smoothies, when done correctly, pack a delicious punch while remaining indulgently creamy. Better yet, they are readily healthified, making them ideal for a nutritious breakfast or lunch.

 You only need to know how to supplement them with protein or other healthy ingredients. This is where the recipes come in.

To make a smoothie into a bowl, mix until the texture is closer to soft serve than to a standard smoothie.

 The combination of Greek yoghurt, frozen bananas, and ice creates a delightful texture that will keep you full for hours.

In many places, avocados are eaten for dessert, in custards and shakes like this one.

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