7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds That Require Extra Training

1. Chihuahua Master Yoda teaches us that "size matters not," and this is especially true for the tiny Chihuahua. 

2. German Shepherd German Shepherds are well-known for their abilities as police K-9s and guard animals. This is because aggressive inclinations can be turned into beneficial actions through controlled and regular training. 

3. Cane Corso This Italian breed is powerful, muscular, and lively. To be properly socialized, they must be given enough of exercise and handled by an experienced person.

4. Presa Canario The Presa Canario breed originated in Spain and was developed as a hunting companion for large game. 

5. American Pit Bull Terrier No other canine breed possesses the dual perception that the Pit Bull does. These powerful dogs are both loathed and revered; some consider them savage killers, while others regard them as protective nanny dogs. 

6. Dachshund Anyone who has been charged by a Dachshund knows that these wiggling wieners are tough dogs. 

7. Akita Some might describe the Akita as a yappy dog with razor sharp teeth. Though these snappy canines can be a handful, they can also thrive in a home with a skilled handler.

According to Trupanion, Akitas are naturally apprehensive of outsiders, making them excellent guard dogs. 

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