7 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Pet Owners, According to Veterinarian

Border Collie Cuevas strongly cautions against this "very intelligent" herding breed that needs near-constant mental activity. 

Dobermans Cuevas believes Dobermans require intensive physical and mental training, adequate socialization, and forceful handling. 

Rottweilers Weighing 80-135 pounds and with strongly entrenched guarding instincts, Cuevas warns that first-time owners may find it challenging to properly train and control a Rottweiler. 

French Bulldogs Tate considers French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs to be too high maintenance for first-time owners due to chronic health issues, 

Australian Shepherds Australian Shepherds, as herding dogs, have extremely high energy levels and require "a lot of activity, stimulation, and interaction," according to Tate.

Siberian Huskies Huskies, another demanding sled dog breed, have an unlimited supply of energy and a need for regular stimulation, which can overwhelm new owners. 

German Shepherds German Shepherds, which were originally working dogs, require owners who are committed to giving rigorous activity and training. 

Cuevas advises first-timers to avoid this breed due to its huge size, protective instincts, and potential for aggressiveness issues if not handled properly.

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