8 Unbelievably Delicious Korean Food Recipes for Beginners

This snack will tantalize your taste senses with juicy potato slices that combine sweetness and crunchiness.

1. Candied Sweet Potato

A 20-minute Korean-style gooey corn cheese recipe that will make you slap your lips.

2. Corn Cheese

Besides satisfying your appetite, steaming soup can comfort and warm your soul. Whole chicken is used in this Korean soup.

3. Chicken Soup

Vegetable tempura, a popular Korean meal, is made in minutes using crispy sliced veggies and Korean-style batter. 

4. Vegetable Tempura

Korean braised chicken, dakjjim, is hearty and healthy. This delicious, tender, and comforting slow-cooked chicken meal is full of zest.

5. Dakjjim

Bibimbap is one of Korea's most delicious bowls, made of rice, meat, egg, and vegetables. 

6. Bibimbap

Who hasn't heard of Kimchi? This Silla Dynasty-inspired Korean cuisine has been enjoyed for over 2000 years. 

7. Kimchi

This spicy pickle can be eaten as a side dish or added to sandwiches, grilled meats, or scrambled eggs. It's easy to create. 

8. Spicy Korean Style Cucumber

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