A Thai food favorite New Orleans Uptown seafood restaurant opens downtown.

A new seafood restaurant in downtown New Orleans serves crab, whole fish, and shrimp meals. 

Not a New Orleans or Louisiana seafood restaurant.

Good Catch Urban Thai Bistro is the latest from the local duo behind one of the city's top new Thai restaurants

The shoebox-sized Uptown restaurant Pomelo is at 4113 Magazine St. Good Catch has 80 seats versus 18 Uptown, making it Pomelo's older brother. 

A complete bar is available (Pomelo is BYOB).

After Singha Thai shuttered in the fall, it opened around New Year's at its former downtown location.

The Good Catch menu includes Thai restaurant favorites. Make curry or stir fry bowls ($14–24). 

Seafood is the specialty. Chef Aom Srisuk drew inspiration from Thai seafood traditions for the meal

Start with the crab karee stir fry ($29), a tray of snowy lump flesh in a spicy yellow sauce. 

Natural crab sweetness and texture shine through in the chile pepper-heated stew, tempered by coconut milk.

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