According to Dan Campbell, this might have been our last chance.

Dan Campbell, the coach of the Lions, is known for his combative nature; nonetheless, he is also a realistic person.

It dawns on him that there is a possibility that the Lions will not have another opportunity to compete for a spot in the Super Bowl.

"I told those guys, this may have been our only shot," Campbell said to the reporters after the game after the game had ended.

In addition, it is going to be twice as difficult to get back to this position the following year as it was here this year. 

Furthermore, if we do not maintain the same level of hunger and work ethic, which will be a completely different thing once we enter the offseason

 then there is no possibility that we will be able to return to this position.

No matter how much better we get, what we add, or what we draft, I don't care about any of that.

 It makes no difference. We are in for a challenge. 

All of the members of our division are going to be loaded back up next. 

In addition, you are no longer concealing yourself from anyone but yourself. You are going to be the object of everyone's desire.

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