Add Chia Seeds To Your Morning Coffee For A Kick Of Fiber

You may believe you've seen it all when it comes to chia seeds, the fashionable superfood that has been making the rounds in health blogs and on social media in recent years.

 You've probably seen recipes for chia seed pudding, in which the little ingredients are combined with milk and left in the fridge overnight to thicken into a pudding-like consistency.

f you keep up with TikTok trends, you may have noticed the controversial "internal shower" drink,

 which blends the main component with water and lemon juice. But we bet there's one morning beverage you haven't tried with chia seeds yet, and you should: coffee.

Chia seeds, like pudding and the internal shower drink, will add fiber to your java. In fact, just one ounce of the stuff has 9.8 grams of fiber

However, adding this superfood will not only make your beverage more nutritious, but it will also make your cup of coffee more interesting.

Chia seeds will also thicken your coffee, giving it a richer texture than usual. And, 

 much as boba can modify the consistency of a generally smooth caffeinated beverage, these seeds will add an unexpectedly wonderful pop to your cup.

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