Air Fryer Baked Potatoe

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes are super fluffy, simple, and foolproof! After mastering this simple technique, you'll never make baked potatoes any other way.

They always come out perfectly cooked with the most crispy exterior, and the technique couldn't be simpler!

I can readily admit that I am obsessed with a few things in the world. Food is obviously one of them.

In terms of eating, baked potatoes are on the top of my list of favorite foods! In fact, one of my favorite things to do at parties is put together a baked potato bar.

That way, everyone can top their baked potatoes with their favorite toppings! It is so much fun.

There are several reasons to use an air fryer to prepare baked potatoes. For starters, it frees up oven space if you want to bake or roast something at the same time.

Also, it ensures that the potato's skin is very crispy while the inside is soft and fluffy! Not to add the finest part of all: the process could not be easier.

Simply poke holes in the potatoes' skins, mix with oil and seasonings, and let the air fryer handle the rest.

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