Benefits of Dark Chocolate: The Bitter, the Better

What sets dark chocolate apart from milk and white chocolates is its cocoa content.  

Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa solids.  

There is more milk and sugar in milk chocolate and white chocolate.  

Dark chocolate can be harsh and is less sweet. Experts in chocolate generally choose dark chocolate due to its superior overall quality and flavor. 

This article discusses the advantages of dark chocolate for your health and how to include it in your diet. 

Rich in beneficial flavanols is cocoa. Compared to milk chocolate, certain dark chocolate products have two or three times as much cocoa solids.  

Additionally, certain chocolates of poorer quality could have more sugar, fat, and artificial flavorings. 

While country-specific standards vary, dark chocolate typically contains 50–90% cocoa solids and no milk.  

Usually, milk chocolate contains 10% to 50% cocoa solids. White chocolate contains no cocoa solids but at least 20% cocoa butter. 

Experts, enthusiasts, and makers of chocolate like dark chocolate that contains 75% cocoa or more, as it is widely regarded as a superior product. 

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