Chai Spice Pumpkin Butter

Enjoy the greatest fall flavors with our Chai Spice Pumpkin Butter! This smooth and tasty butter contains equal parts chai spice and pumpkin flavors and will improve everything you spread it on.

Say farewell to summer and hello to fall with this simple chai spice pumpkin butter recipe! I simply cannot begin the season without a jar of this stuff in my fridge,

ready to be spread on crackers, toast, and everything in between. I even put it on my pancakes in the morning with my Dirty Chai Latte!

I'm telling you, a warm drink and this chai spice pumpkin butter will have you ready for colder weather and toasty sweaters. I'm going crazy just thinking about it!

Let us discuss about the flavors here. This butter is my favorite since it is both chai spice and pumpkin-flavored, which is delicious!

The combination of fall flavors assures that every bite will warm your spirit with all of the familiar and beloved fall emotions.

The chai spice combination gives the butter a warm, spicy flavor, while the pumpkin puree makes it almost taste like pumpkin pie.

The other two elements also play an important role. A splash of apple cider intensifies the fall tastes, while brown sugar adds richness and depth.

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