Commanders Viewing Guide: Three Things to Watch during AFC and NFC Championship Games.

Super Bowl berths are on the line when the Baltimore Ravens play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET, and the San Francisco 49ers visit the Detroit Lions at 6:30 p.m.

While the Washington Commanders' season is long finished, Sunday's matches are likely to produce their next head coach. 

Ben Johnson, Lions offensive coordinator, and Mike Macdonald, Ravens defensive coordinator, have already been interviewed for the Commanders position, and the team is apparently intending to interview both candidates again. 

The stakes don't get much higher, and how each coach performs in their most important games to date might have a significant impact on who becomes Washington's next head coach. 

Mike Macdonald and the Ravens defence face Patrick Mahomes.Macdonald has been the "mad scientist" behind the NFL's greatest defence this year. 

The Ravens allowed the fewest points per game (16.5), had the most sacks (60), and tied for first in turnovers (31).

 They also limited the Lions and 49ers to a combined 25 points in their regular-season games.

Stopping the Chiefs is the most difficult job for Macdonald and his defence this season.

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