7 Winter Nail Designs You'll Want to Try This Season

Crisp white snowflakes floating through the air, icicles catching the light as they drip away, and cosy cashmere sweaters in pastel hues—all aspects of the ideal winter.

Winter Midnight

Take your nail inspiration from a wintry nighttime sky filled with dazzling stars. Begin with a deep, dark blue base, then use a nail brush to make white, 4-point starbursts.

Snowflake Magic

In the chilly months, snowflake nails are a must-have, but this winter nail idea elevates them to a new level.

Cute Polar Bear Nails

Polar bears must be one of the cutest winter animals out there, so why not paint them on your nails to admire? Choose a paint chip nail effect by painting each nail a different shade of blue, then sketch a lovely polar bear face on the accent nail. 

Rose Gold Shimmer

Keep your winter manicure simple—but still memorable—by leaning towards rose gold.

Holly wreaths

This exquisite winter manicure has vivid red holly berries on snow-dusted evergreen pine needles, which are arranged like a traditional French manicure.

Sweater nails

Cosy jumper nails are a must-have for winter, and they aren't as difficult to duplicate as you would think. Begin with a gel polish base in your desired colour; pastel tones, earthy neutrals, and rich gemstone colours are all suitable. 

Icy Lavender Haze.

A little chrome action makes perfect sense during the winter months, and there are numerous options to pick from.

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