Dez Duron from The Voice discusses sex symbol labels, Justin Bieber covers, and 'Feeling Good' comparisons.

Few singers on The Voice have worked the stage as hard, or as fully, as Dez Duron. "I am an entertainer, man.

 My favourite thing to do is sing live. The music just kind of pours through me, and I can't help but move," admits the Season 3 Top 8 finisher. "I thrive on the crowd response.

 I thrive on the beat. "When you see me moving around, it's just an outward expression of how I'm feeling inside."

Of course, as Duron notes, "entertaining all of the audience's senses" increases the difficulty of keeping on pitch, which is why he spends a lot of time practicing while jogging and singing. 

 "It's important to me to be an elite performer, not just a vocalist," he said. "I constantly want to take things to the next level. I'm never truly satisfied with where a performance stands. "I want to improve every chance I get."

Duron spoke with TVLine about what he did to improve his skills between The Voice's second and third seasons.

It wasn't my aim to return to The Voice, but I stayed in Los Angeles to learn about the music industry. I took voice, guitar, and piano classes. 

 I also worked on an ad campaign for American Eagle, which was a fantastic experience. Then I received a call from casting informing me that [I was permitted to audition again], which I was not previously aware of. I believed it would be a wonderful professional move, and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

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