During the AFC Championship, Dave Portnoy criticizes Tony Romo for making a 'all-time' comment.

It was over, only to be undone a second later.

CBS' Tony Romo provided a dubious analysis of Zay Flowers' key fumble at the goal line, which lost the Ravens a touchdown on the first play of the fourth quarter.

"Every time Baltimore gets something little going, Kansas City shuts it down," Romo said in a statement

"I mean, that's the game, but it's not over."Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy praised the comment on X, calling it a "all-time Romo quote."

Portnoy then mimicked Romo, saying, "That's the game; it's not over, but it is."

The much-maligned Romo went on to clarify the comment and outline the implications of Flowers' costly blunder

which occurred with the Ravens behind the Chiefs 17-7.

"When you look back, it's a 3-point game," Romo stated after the Chiefs executed a play. 

"Right now, every play is crucial. If they want to return, they must first rise up.

The missed touchdown did wind up being the difference, as the Ravens cut the margin to seven on the next possession

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