10 Fun Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

Adding chia seeds to water is one of the easiest ways to incorporate them into your diet.

1. Chia water

You can soak these seeds in liquids other than just water.

2. Juice-soaked chia

Chia pudding can be prepared similarly to chia water; to achieve a more dense, pudding-like consistency, increase the amount of seeds and extend the soaking time.

3. Chia pudding

Add some chia seeds to your smoothie to boost its nutritional value.

4. Chia in smoothies

Chia seeds can be eaten uncooked, though many prefer to soak them first.

5. Raw chia toppings

You may try chia cereal for morning instead of your typical cereal to try something a little different.

6. Chia cereal

Chia seeds can be used to produce a delicious on-the-go snack if you are always in a rush.

7. Chia truffles

You can even add chia seeds to savory dishes like stir-fries. Just add a tablespoon (15 grams) of seeds and mix.

8. In a stir-fry

You can add your favorite salad vegetables and stir in some chia seeds to give your salad some texture and a nutritional boost.

9. Added to a salad

Chia seeds can be added to your salad dressing as well.

10. In salad dressing

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