"Glow from Within: 9 Smoothie Recipes for Healthy and Radiant Skin!"

You give yourself at-home facials and cleanse with oils, but your skin still lacks that radiance (you know what we mean). What's going on?

1. Green on Green Smoothie.

It's all about hydration. The cucumber in this as-healthy-as-it-looks smoothie contains enzyme-rich water and antioxidants, which help keep your skin smooth and prevent wrinkles.

2. Happy Belly Smoothie.

This smoothie with kombucha contains probiotics for a healthy stomach, but a happy tummy also benefits your skin. 

3. Green Apple Pie Smoothie.

How much time do you spend in the sun? Another reason to add some spinach in your blender.

4) Purple Smoothie

Because it looks like blueberries, you won't realize you're drinking (gasp) cabbage—trust us, we tested this recipe and it was excellent.

5. Kale and Sunflower Smoothie.

Okay, we've established that kale is really beneficial to our skin (as well as our sleep quality) due to its high vitamin and mineral content. 

6. Beet Smoothie with Strawberry and Kale

Even though you can't taste the beet in this smoothie, it nevertheless contains a high concentration of folate.

7. Detox Probiotic Smoothie

Who's the star of this smoothie? Kefir is a probiotic superfood drink. 

8. Lemon-thyme Blueberry Smoothie

You don't need to remind us to eat more blueberries.

9. Tropical Green Energy Smoothie.

This smoothie contains several skin-friendly nutrients, including kale, papaya, pineapple, and chia seeds.

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