Horoscope For January 25, 2024 — The Full Moon Is Here

Full Moon

Aries, you need a lot of lion-level courage. The Full Moon in Leo indicates that it is time to let go of an experience that once provided you great delight, but you must now move on to new opportunities. 


Taurus, it's time to exert your own authority. There are times in your life when you require a supervisor or mentor, but there are also periods in your job when you do not. 


You have to say what you need to say, but sometimes your opinion can be voiced more like a roar than a plea for peace. During this Full Moon, you may be ready to let go of some pent up frustration you've felt for quite some time.


Expenses can pile up, and it may appear rational at first to have them in your life. These are purchases of items you intended to utilize. They were there for your convenience. And to make your life easier.


It's time for huge changes, Leo, and a Full Moon in your sign is one of the ideal times to let go of negative energy and start fresh. You can conduct an early spring cleaning or a social media dump of accounts that are inactive or potentially spammy.


Delayed satisfaction is something you're all too familiar with, therefore there are some great experiences in your history that you've kept hidden from others. 


Pride comes before the fall, huh, Libra? Someone in your social circle may have an inflated ego, and even if you adore them, you feel compelled to inform them. The truth may be difficult to hear, and it could cost you a friendship this week.


You are more than just your work title. And if the income you're receiving for carrying so much weight at work isn't commensurate with your efforts


You are a smart cookie, Sagittarius, but while the Full Moon is in Leo, you can take a mental rest. During this lunar phase, it is important to rest your brain.


This week provides a huge stress reliever in the form of disclosing your deepest, darkest secrets. Some secrets should be revealed so that others might benefit from your experiences.


Do you believe that commitment is overrated? You may feel that you don't want to be tied down to something that doesn't benefit you or make you happy.


Pisces, you're a joyful spirit. You can be as happy as you desire, yet there may be some challenges to your happiness. How are they removed? 


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