Insider Question of the Day: What should the Dolphins do with their first-round pick?

After losing their 2023 first-round draft pick as punishment for owner Stephen Ross's behaviour, the Miami Dolphins front office is once again indicating that they may not have a first-round pick in 2024.

This implies that they either traded it away for another player(s), a pick(s), or a combination of the two.

 There is still plenty to argue about the league taking away the Phins' draft picks, a punishment that appears to harm supporters more than a millionaire owner. 

 In any case, the Dolphins are expected to keep their first-round pick this year after failing to get one in the previous draft.

Now, I understand trading that pick away when someone comes along and offers you a bargain you can't refuse.

 But what's the point if you jump at a great offer on a single pick and don't even evaluate it? For me, it would be the opportunity to get a generational type of player.

 AKA the person that, when added to an offence or defence, single-handedly elevates the entire unit's play over time and may sometimes practically take over the game with their amazing level of play.

Aside from that, no one player or pick should be holy if the appropriate compensation for said pick.

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