It 'would not be unexpected' if Jim Harbaugh is suspended for most of 2024.

No. 3 Michigan accepted Jim Harbaugh's three-game suspension after a week of legal maneuvering to get him back on the bench before Saturday's game against Maryland.

The Wolverines accepted the Big Ten penalty after more information about booster involvement in Connor Stalions' sign-stealing scheme and assistant coach Chris Partridge's cover-up and destruction of evidence was revealed.

Harbaugh's absence could hurt Michigan football against Ohio State. J.J. McCarthy will learn

After accepting the three-game sentence, the Big Ten will terminate its sign-stealing inquiry and not punish Michigan. 

The NCAA will punish in-person scouting violations after its probe.

College football analyst Bruce Feldman discussed Harbaugh's future with the program and possible NCAA fines on "Big Noon Kickoff" on Saturday.

The college football reporter was told it "would not be surprising" if Harbaugh is suspended heavily in 2024.

It'll be intriguing going forward. The NCAA is still investigating him for COVID-19 recruiting violations "Feldman stated.

They have the Connor Stalions signal-stealing story. I've heard Jim Harbaugh could be suspended for most of 2024."

NCAA recruiting breaches earned Harbaugh a three-game suspension to start the season, but he and Michigan could face extra punishments from the NCAA, which has two continuing investigations into the school.

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