LeBron James is only hurting the league at this point, claims retired NBA champion

James recently established a new career high in rebounds (20) and wants to play alongside Bronny. 

John Salley, a four-time NBA champion who won his final ring with the Los Angeles Lakers, argues that LeBron James is only harming the league by playing for more than 20 years while remaining a superstar.

Salley, 59, recently spoke with VladTV and argued that marketers suffer when one of the league's finest players is old. He believes players should only play for ten years.

"It's not good for the league to have old players still hanging around," Salley remarked. "Removes from the commercial.

You're trying to sell Ja Morant footwear, not LeBrons.Salley went on to compare Tiger Woods' longevity to that of James, 

who recently set a new career high in rebounding and hopes to play with or against his son Bronny, who is a year away from joining the NBA.

"Nike had to get rid of Nike Golf..." Salley stated. "They had to get back to their core, which meant dropping things that weren't making them happy. 

Tiger Woods was great for them, but which of the new up-and-coming kids is going to say, 'I want some Tiger Woods.'"

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