Low Carb Chia Breakfast Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding– Coffee And Tea Flavors To Start Your Day

I agree to receive emails and tailored advertisements. I've been trying to give up coffee in favor of green tea. 

 Although coffee has health advantages, I am reducing my caffeine consumption, and tea contains less of it. I'm aiming to switch completely to decaffeinated tea.

I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago and only drank decaf on occasion because I was pregnant. I was taught that giving up caffeine during pregnancy and nursing is beneficial.

As my daughter began to wean, I gradually resumed consuming regular coffee about two years ago. It caused an addiction.

The Republic of Tea contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in evaluating any of their new Matcha Green Tea blends. 

Since I've been transitioning to green tea, I agreed to test them.

I received a wonderful delivery containing four canisters of their new matcha green tea blends: Immunity, Lean Grean, 

 Serenity, and Brain Boost. I also received a sample bag of Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Herb Tea and a sample bag of Get Lost Herbal Tea for Weight Control.

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