NFL star criticises analytics theory.

While the NFL's appeal stems in large part from the league's ability to lend itself to regular sports talk arguments, the rise of analytics has created a whole new set of topics to explore.

This includes the theory that "momentum" is not real, but rather an abstract concept randomly applied in opportune settings.

The momentum dispute dates back more than a decade, when ESPN's Bill Barnwell — then at Grantland — published a column titled "Nomentum, Part 1" in 2013.

."It's time to put to rest the ridiculous notion that momentum exists (and matters) in the NFL," reads the subtitle for Barnwell's deep dive.

.Since then, the concept of momentum in not only football, but all sports, has been extensively researched, with some claiming it is real and others claiming it is not – at least not in the context in which it is commonly employed.

 You can definitely put George Kittle in the former category, as the star tight end took time out of his postgame press conference following the San Francisco 49ers' triumph over the Detroit Lions in the NFC.

"I've got a question for you guys," Kittle remarked, confronting the assembled reporters.

 "Why do analysts claim that'momentum isn't a real thing?'" I had that talk with Pat McAfee. He asked me, "All these people are telling me that momentum isn't real." That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. But we move on. I digress.

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