No Bake Cherry Pecan Chia Energy Bite

The goal of life is to achieve balance.  In a Seinfeld episode, Jerry discusses maintaining a balance among his group of friends.  

When one person is high, the other is low.  It all comes down to striking the right balance.  That's kind of how I live.  At least when it comes to my meals.  

I struggle with cravings, particularly those for sweets.  Salty and greasy.  I often hunt for quick, nutritious, and easy snacks to satisfy any cravings. 

Kind of like my CopyCat Apricot Macadamia Kind Bars. (You should try those, too.) This is the type of snack. 

This is the type of snack I would have kept at the office if I worked outside the home.  Now, I keep these in the refrigerator.

 I have a new problem: I can't stop eating. Then not eating a burger later. Balance.

Although easy to make, rolling into small balls required clean hands.  I believe I cleansed my hands every third ball.

 I didn't want to use cooking spray, oil, or butter since I wanted to keep things clean around here.  Take a few seconds to wash up, then make more, then wash again, and finally roll.  

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