Nutritionist Busts 3 Common Myths About Green Tea That You Shouldn't Believe

Nmami Agarwal, a dietitian, highlighted the top three misunderstandings about green tea on Instagram.

Many people drink several cups of green tea throughout the day to lose weight. The dietitian stated that excessive consumption of green tea may disrupt stomach acid levels and produce acidity.

1. More is better.

It is widely assumed that green tea has less or no caffeine than ordinary tea and coffee. 

2. It is caffeine-free.

You must be aware that green tea will not help you lose weight overnight.

3. It can help you lose weight.

"It doesn't burn fat. It doesn't produce weight loss. It's a drink like any other, and it definitely has benefits," Nmami explained.

"Green tea's special status stems from its rich antioxidant content, particularly catechins. 

However, other teas and beverages, like black or herbal teas, also offer unique health perks 

High antioxidant content can help prevent cellular damage and support your overall health. It can also help boost overall heart health. 

If yes, you are not alone. Green tea is a popular beverage that can offer you many health benefits. 

It is commonly believed that green tea can help you shed kilos like magic. 

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