One-Card Tarot Reading For Each Zodiac Sign On January 24

Aries, you're popular. Job hunting or finding business partners to help your firm succeed is a good time. Avoid waiting for stuff. The law of attraction works, but you must act. Make things happen.


Taurus, plant your heels. You know you can have what you want. A question of time. The law of motion applies to you as well as science. 


You've done well for yourself, yet you may not be happy. You feel destined for more. You know you'd succeed in life with the right tools. This is your sign. 


Every choice can improve or hurt you. Consider your biggest improvement area today. No need to do much. Make a 1% improvement and you'll be substantially better in no time.


You've outgrown a dream. You've reached a place in your life that the things you once thought you needed don't matter to you in the same way anymore. You have changed, and that means everything else has changed, too.


Virgo, get a mentor. Select them on social media and binge-watch their videos or read their books. You can ask an old buddy who has lots of expertise and always delivers good advise.


When you ignore the ridiculous things that derail your mission, amazing things happen. Your soul adjusts. Your inner wisdom returns.


Perseverance. Scorpio, you're one of those amazingly persistent people. You can show yourself and others that you'll accomplish everything. You're determined to live your dream.


See you, Sagittarius. You'll be the party animal now. Everyone you encounter will think you have 'IT' You won't stay home or be a wallflower. You're the spotlight. The feeling will be great.


Don't overreact. You may feel pushed into defense mode, but don't let circumstances determine who you are or how you want to be. You may not like feeling pushed in the corner, but this is a great way to see who you truly are.


Watch your bottom line, Aquarius. You have a lot of great ideas, and many of them cost money. You might need to dip into your savings from time-to-time, but that doesn't mean you have to lose sight of your goal to get out of debt. Be careful and wise.


Must you talk to them? You may not like leaving a poisonous situation, but you must be wise. Negative behavior affects you eventually. Self-exit can safeguard your heart. Take charge of your thoughts and behaviors.


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