Popular Westminster dog park may soon see a reduction in off-leash space.

Westminster Parks authorities propose new leash rules for the bulk of the Westminster Hills Open Space.

A popular Westminster open space might soon undergo dramatic modifications, according to a plan from the city's Parks, Trails, and Open Space Department.

Westminster Hills Open Space now has one of the largest off-leash dog parks in the region, with 420 acres of space for dogs to run, fetch, and play.

However, a new proposal would significantly shrink the off-leash area, potentially confining it to a small portion of the present field.

Reale stated that the city is becoming increasingly concerned about the damage off-leash dogs are having on the scenery, animals, and ecosystem. 

. Last year, more than one million individuals visited the park.

"We are coming to the conclusion that our dog off-leash opportunity is having a negative impact on those natural resources

so we are recommending at this point that we change the designation to an on-leash requirement."

It’s a potentially major blow to dog owners like Kristen Cobb, who said she moved to the area specifically to have access to the park. 

“I would have to find somewhere else to go, it would be really devastating,” she said. “I’ve shed tears over it. It would really break my heart.” 

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