Returning Ben Simmons: "As soon as I checked in, I told them 'You know what time it is'"

Ben Simmons returned to the Nets on Monday after 38 games. 

 His efficiency helped his squad beat the Utah Jazz 147-114 in 18 minutes.

Afterward, a reporter told Simmons the Nets scored on a fastbreak four seconds after he entered. 

 Royce O'Neale made a three-pointer after Ben led the break and assisted. 

Aussie confidently said he always breaks fast when he has the ball.

Simmons told Nets beat reporter Erik Slater what he told his teammates when he entered the game at 6:27 in the first quarter during post-game interviews.

Simmons returned. He exuded confidence on the basketball floor and to reporters. 

 The 2016 NBA Draft's top pick missed a triple-double with 10 points, 11 assists, and 8  rebounds.

First game since November last year, he had one steal, one block, and no turnovers.

Simmons shot 5-5 from the field, all of which were close, but he showed that he could have an impact without a jump shot or three-pointer. 

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