Simple After-School Snacks to Keep Children Full Until Dinner

Between school, sports, and homework, it's critical to feed yourself before supper cravings strike.

That's why we've compiled this list of after-school snacks that your children will like regardless of their age!

Just ask Ree Drummond, whose children were major snackers even as teenagers. When school ended, "hungry doesn't begin to describe it!" she adds.

"Aside from the normal teenage munchies (hello, sour cream and onion potato chips!), they liked fresh mandarin oranges (they would eat five or six in one sitting), granola bars, carrot sticks with ranch dressing.

There isn't much they won't snack on!" If your kids are anything like Ree's, they will grasp for whatever they can find to quench their hunger, so why not have something filling and delicious ready to eat?

Here, you'll find quick snacks that are both sweet and savoury, as well as others that are slightly healthier.

To feed a large group of hungry children, try pepperoni pizza rolls or melty ham and cheese sliders. If your children do not enjoy spicy foods, you can remove the jalapeño.

There are also air fryer recipes for restaurant-quality mozzarella sticks excellent for dipping in marinara and the simplest homemade sweet potato fries. But if you're looking for make-ahead snacks, we have them too.

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