Simple Nail Designs of 2023

Sometimes the simplest nail designs stand out the most. Although there's nothing wrong with detailed patterns 

and extravagant embellishments—we love an over-the-top nail look—you don't have to spend hours on careful designs to obtain a stunning manicure. 

Uncomplicated patterns, such as adorable polka dots, tiny abstract prints, and vivid neon tips, can often bring joy, requiring only basic or intermediate art skills. 

There is no need to be an artistic genius here, but if you are, that's awesome!

Not to mention that simple nail designs are usually quick and easy, so going for simplicity is a wise decision if you're short on time or don't have the patience for an elaborate manicure. 

In any case, we are confident you will like our carefully picked compilation below. A range of designs awaits you, catering to all of your requirements. 

A much like the event that it honors, Valentine's Day nail art ideas have progressed beyond the clichéd heart nail patterns and phrases that were popular in the past.

Whether you're trying out runway nail trends like tiny French manicures and chrome hues, or you prefer tried-and-true styles like ombré gradients and floral prints, we've got you covered. 

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