Steve Kerr takes subtle shade at refs for allegedly favoring the Lakers.

On Saturday, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr used a passive-aggressive technique to criticize NBA referees Derek Richardson, John Goble, and Mitchell Ervin.

Kerr's Warriors fell 145-144 in double overtime to the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

Golden State was 5.2 seconds away from victory but LeBron James saved the Lakers with a pair of clutch free shots in the final moments.

 Steph Curry was so upset at the ending that he ripped his jersey (see the video here).

Kerr communicated his frustrations differently than his star point guard.

During his postgame press conference, the Warriors coach highlighted the Lakers' 43-16 lead in free throw attempts. 

When asked further by a reporter, Kerr refused to respond and began to rattle off skewed free throw stats.

The Lakers entered Saturday's game averaging 24.6 free throw attempts per game, ranking eighth in the NBA. 

The Warriors, on the other hand, have a free throw attempt rate of 22.7 per game

which places them among the top half of the NBA.

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