The 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in America

10. Pyrenean Shepherd 

The agile and smart Pyrenean shepherd is a tiny herding breed from France's mountains. 

9. Cesky Terrier 

The rare Czech Cesky terrier has a silky coat and quiet disposition.One of the rarest breeds, they are short-legged and stand at 13 inches at the shoulder. Only 600 live in the U.S. 

8. Sussex Spaniel 

The Sussex spaniel is considered a hybrid between a cocker spaniel and a torpedo, although you may have never seen one. 

7. Harrier 

A medium-sized hound, the Harrier resembles a gym-joined beagle. Originally bred to hunt hare in medieval England, they are related to the English foxhound. 

6. Azawakh 

From ancient West African origins, the AKC just recognized the Azawakh in 2019. 

5. Belgian Laekenois 

One of four native Belgian dogs, the Laekenois (pronounced Lak-in-wah) is closely related. 

4. American Foxhound 

Despite being associated with the founding fathers, American foxhounds are unpopular. 

3. Sloughi 

The graceful and loyal Sloughi, from North Africa, have a centuries-old history. 

2. Norwegian Lundehund 

As expected, Norwegian Lundehunds are known for their additional toes and amazing flexibility. 

1. English Foxhound 

The adaptable and gregarious English foxhound, a relative of the American, is the rarest breed. 

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