The Biggest Mistake You Make With Chia Seed Pudding.

Chia seed pudding is a simple, make-ahead breakfast option. 

When you stick to a tablespoon of chia seeds for every quarter cup of milk, there isn't much that can go wrong when you prepare it the night before.

But there's one error you could be doing - and you probably don't even realize it. 

Chia seeds are frequently purchased in bulk and are typically stored in a closet among other dried products. 

However, just like lentils and rolled oats, the shelf life of chia seeds can vary considerably if not stored properly

which means you could be using expired chia seeds without even realizing it.

Chia seeds can survive between two and five years, depending on how they are stored. 

To keep your chia seeds and chia seed pudding fresh, put them in a closed container in a dark, dry place. 

ome telltale symptoms that your chia seeds may have been improperly stored and have expired include the seeds clumping or sticking together, as well as becoming sticky or gel-like in texture.

And, when it comes to chia pudding, texture is equally as important as flavor, if not more

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