The latest odds for the 2024 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will play in their second Super Bowl rematch in five seasons. 

 Over the previous five years, the 49ers and Chiefs have made deep playoff runs, with San Francisco reaching four conference title games and the Chiefs five. 

Super Bowl championships distinguish the 49ers and Chiefs.

 Two Super Bowl championships in four seasons have made the Chiefs the league's dynasty, hoping to repeat as the first club since the 2003-2004 Patriots.

In Super Bowl LIV, the 49ers lost a 10-point fourth-quarter lead to the Chiefs, losing their first championship since 1994. 

Chiefs coach Andy Reid wants his third Super Bowl win, while 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan wants his first.

 Even though both teams have changed significantly, Brock Purdy will start for the 49ers instead of Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Four years after "Wasp" became an NFL classic, the 49ers and Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl. 

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