The zoo plans to introduce famous swearing parrots to a larger flock. What might go wrong?

A clutch of potty-mouthed parrots from a British zoo will be incorporated into a larger flock in an attempt to teach them proper behavior. 

The eight African greys have become a popular attraction at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park because of their ability to make the air blue, but zookeepers have apparently had enough of their effing and jeffing.

The center adopted the first five profane psittacines in 2020, but swiftly chose to remove the birds from public display when their evil tongues attracted attention. 

The blaspheming birds, named Eric, Tyson, Billy, Jade, and Elsie, were brought to a flock of parrots with more characteristic British politeness,

eventually learning to blend in by toning down their constant cussing, like an avian version of My Fair Lady.

"When we arrived to move them, the language that came out of their carrying boxes was phenomenal, really bad," the park's CEO, Steve Nichols, told CNN. 

"Not normal swear words, these were proper expletives," he went on to say. 

By the time the foul-mouthed five were put back on display several months later, their language had improved slightly, but their fondness for swearing had not been completely eliminated. 

This prompted park administrators to display a sign warning tourists about the parrots' profanity.

To prevent the situation from spiraling out of control, zookeepers have now decided to move the offensive octet to a larger flock of 100 birds in the hope that their swearing will be “diluted”. 

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