These 5 foods and drinks can help you quit smoking

Since dairy products make cigarettes taste worse, Lindblad recommends eating cheese to reduce cigarette cravings. 


He suggested eating cheese, milk, or yoghurt when you crave anything.

Ginseng, an earthy, warming Korean tea, boosts energy and reduces nicotine's effects. 

Ginseng tea

Lindblad calls this a “must” for decreasing smoking since the less nicotine affects your body, the less enticing smoking is.

You may have suffered hunger pangs and compulsive munching after quitting smoking.


Salted popcorn is low in calories and might keep you fuller longer, so Lindblad recommends it for quitting.

Cinnamon sticks aren't the most traditional snack, but Lindblad believes their hot impact curbs cravings immediately 

Sticks of cinnamon

and holding the stick helps psychologically stop the habit.

Finally, Lindblad recommends sugar-free gum or mints to quell cravings. 

Mints or gum without sugar

 These keep your tongue busy when you want a cigarette, and the mint aftertaste makes you wait to smoke again. 

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