This Water Pie Recipe Is Magic—Here's How to Make It

During the epidemic, many old dishes were revived as home cooks looked for low-cost options to test.

When we first saw Depression-era water pie on TikTok, we were immediately fascinated. A pie made with water? How would that work? 

ur Test Kitchen tried (and enjoyed) the classic water pie recipe. It bakes into a buttery, custard-like dessert scented with vanilla. Here's how to make and serve water pie.

During the Great Depression, several essential baking ingredients, such as milk and eggs, were in limited supply, hence water pie was formed out of necessity. 

Ingenious home cooks used grocery ingredients to develop this cost-effective pie recipe. 

The custard-like filling consists primarily of water, flour, sugar, vanilla, and butter. This recipe thickens the custard with flour instead of eggs. 

It comes together almost magically during baking. Our recipe testers discovered that the finished water pie was less creamy than a regular custard pie, but retained the same sweetness and buttery flavor.

Raid your pantry and refrigerator to find the ingredients for water pie. Most likely, you already have almost everything you need to make this affordable treat.

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