Veterinarians agree that some dog breeds are the healthiest.

Parade interviewed veterinarians about the healthiest dog breeds and why they were picked. 

However, while some dog breeds are typically healthier, any dog might have health difficulties.

Klein says Chihuahuas, Papillons, and Toy Poodles “may appear dainty but are known to live long lives, though they may have certain orthopedic issues such as wobbly knees.”

Papillons excel in obedience and agility even as they age, Klein says.

Nelsen believes this breed, bred to herd cattle, is quite tough: They are athletic and rarely have orthopedic issues if well-bred

Klein argues Border Collies—and the Australian Cattle Dog, as Nelsen noted—benefit from their herding roots

Klein listed these hunting dogs as another lasting breed. “Survival of the fittest,” he says.

Klein adds this breed to the list of old breeds that have developed resilient traits over time.

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