Who Among the Four Zodiac Signs Is Most Sincere On First Dates?

Dates may pressure some zodiac signs to impress others. They hide certain traits to give the best initial impression, not to deceive.

Other signs refuse to change, regardless of what others think. Here are the zodiac signs most genuine on first dates:

Aries Aries can only be themselves. They will show you their true selves from the start, and if you don't like it, they'll find someone who does. This sign wants to improve oneself, but not to impress others.

They know the right spouse will cherish them from the start. This is why they don't need to pretend on first dates. They desire to know immediately if they are mismatched or have a dealbreaker. This saves time and effort over time.

Leo Leos realize their loveability. They just need to find the right person to adore. That's why they won't impersonate others on first dates. They prefer to assess compatibility immediately to see if this person is worth their time.

Leos are busy bees and don't want to remain with the wrong person long. Being yourself is the only way to let others know you're not a good fit right away. By being upfront about their aims, intentions, and personality.

Libra Libra is one of the most truthful signs. Finding something to love in everyone helps them love themselves. They admit their self-consciousness. They never want erroneous information to shape your view of them. They would never lie about their likes and dislikes to win your favor. Libras give the most honest answers. Despite doubting your approval, they'll answer honestly.

Pisces Pisces are open about themselves. They love themselves and won't change. They will strive hard to make a good first impression, but they will not lie about themselves or pretend to be someone else. Pisces never want to start a deceptive relationship. They want to be honest with this person and hope for reciprocity. From the first date to the last, they want honest talks.

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