You only need four ingredients to make this simple, fiber-rich chia seed pudding.

f your concept of fast pudding is a packet of powdered mix, substituting chia seeds may seem frightening.

While it may appear that chia seeds are beneficial, knowing what to do with them, let alone how to transform them into custard, is not always obvious.

Even though you won't find a custard recipe on the back of a chia seed package, the technique is rather straightforward.

 All you have to do is add seeds to any milk of your choice (I prefer full-fat because it is thicker) and refrigerate for at least one hour. As the seeds absorb the milk, they will eventually create a gel.

Chia seeds and milk alone, however, are not a great substitute for classic custard in terms of flavour.

 Unless you add other ingredients or sweeteners, the final chia pudding is fairly boring in flavour.

 Fortunately, chia seeds are incredibly absorbent, so they will soak up any flavours you add to them.

And, because chia pudding is a blank canvas, any sweet flavour combination will work, including chocolate and espresso for a tiramisu-inspired pudding or a simple vanilla and strawberry match.

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