Zodiac Signs as Cat Breeds

Born to be wild? Everything from this cat breed’s vibrant patterned coat to its large athletic build has your name on it, Aries. In fact, if you were to catch a glimpse of this cat running towards you, it could feel as if you were being hunted by a wildcat in the jungle.  

Aries: You’re a Bengal

Taurus: You’re a Persian

Ooh la a! They don’t call Persian cats “doll faces” for nothing, Taurus. Similar to your ultra-posh planetary ruler, Venus, it doesn’t get fancier than this kitty breed. 

Gemini: You're an Abyssinian

Brilliant and deeply curious, there’s something innately mercurial about the Abyssinian, Gemini. Perhaps it’s a combination of their sleek and slender build or their visually striking gaze—which can easily be mistaken for mischief 

Cancer: You’re a Scottish Fold

Finding a kitty as adorable as you isn’t easy, but here we are, Cancer! If you look closely at this rare breed, you’ll notice that its sweet face is round, just like the moon.  

Leo: You’re a Ragdoll

May I have your (all of your) attention please? Nothing against the rest of them, but your cat breed is kitty royalty, Leo. Similar to the warm and charismatic sun—which also happens to be your planetary ruler—the Ragdoll is equally as social as it is regal in its majestic appearance. 

Virgo: You’re a Maine Coon

Gentle-natured and friendly within its immediate surroundings, you and the Maine Coon breed are similar in your grounded yet mercurial nature, Virgo. Their mystery runs as deep as their rich and intricate color patterns, which is why no Maine Coon are exactly alike.  

Libra: You’re a Siberian

There’s nothing your Venus-ruled sign loves more than love, and this cat breed is no different, Libra. Your compromising and harmony-seeking nature resembles that of the Siberian, in everything from its kitten-like personality to its hypoallergenic 

Scorpio: You’re a Siamese

To say this breed is territorial would be an understatement, but you’re no stranger to this type of behavior, Scorpio. On the contrary, similar to the remarkably intelligent Siamese, your Plutonian radar can sense the rippling undercurrents of your surroundings. 

Sagittarius: You’re a Cornish Rex

Your energizing and outgoing nature are some of many reasons why you stand out, and your cat breed is similar in its inexhaustible agility and enthusiasm, Sagittarius. In addition to being Jupiter-ruled, your wisdom-seeking zodiac archetype, the archer 

Capricorn: You’re an American Shorthair

Similar to this breed’s “working cat” origins, you pride yourself on being a successful bread-winner who can hold down the fort, Capricorn. It’s all thanks to your planetary ruler, Saturn, of course, but it gets better.  

Aquarius: You’re a Sphynx

Mr. Bigglesworth is iconic, and you’re no different, Aquarius. You may or may not remember this strange yet charming breed from the hysterical comedy trilogy, Austin Powers, but its acrobatic structure is exotic and alien-like. 

Pisces: British Blue Shorthair

Dreaming away your life, Pisces? Whether you consider its doe eyes or the mere fact that it sleeps 10 to 16 hours per day, everything about this cat breed resembles you and your dozy planetary ruler, Neptune. 

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